Who we are

We provide home care: We are people and we take care of people

SENIORIBERIA is a company with coverage in Andalusia dedicated exclusively to home care services to dependents that need it.

With more than fourteen years of experience in the care of the elderly and sick, our philosophy is that the elderly or dependent should be treated in a special way, but without discrimination. We empathize with families who want their loved ones to stay in their family environment and receive the care they need for their personal circumstances

For the attention of our patients we have at our disposal a team of professionals including nursing assistants, geriatrics auxiliaries, physiotherapists and nutritionists, whose objective is to provide the family with the necessary tranquility in their daily lives

We also have a supervision structure that allows us to meet the health, domestic and emotional needs of our users, promoting an active aging or attending to the most common diseases such as Alzheimer, stroke, fractures, etc.

We encourage the autonomy of our patients, helping with tasks they cannot perform by themselves. We put everything in our power to keep them active, without losing sight that the family will be their main support.

We are fully aware that due to their illness they may suffer disorders such as: decrease in their sensory abilities, reduction of their peripheral vision, auditory acuity especially when there are environmental noises, loss of palate sensitivity.

All of the above is often accompanied by an emotional state affected by the request of friends or loved ones. Sorrow and sadness are normal results of that situation

If you are looking for a home help company, do not hesitate, contact us!